“Save the environment with
plant food so good,
it changes the way people eat forever.”

How we will achieve this?

We will do 2 things to realise this vision.


The first, is to encourage more people to adopt a more plant based diet.

This is the single biggest way any individual can reduce their impact (carbon footprint) on the environment. 

The second, is we will plant lots & lots of trees. 1 tree for every box sold. Trees are an efficient, cost effective and fast way to capture carbon (the bad stuff) and improve the atmosphere (the thing that keeps us all alive).


We appreciate your support in achieving this vision 


Bob Marley thought he could heal the world through music, we think we can heal the world through plant-based food.

We are both passionate environmentalists. We believe that the environment is under great threat from global warming and that the factory farming of animals is a major contributor to this problem. We began asking: what could we do right now to have a positive impact on the environment? For us, we decided that the best thing we could do is stop eating animal products. We also came to believe that the exploitation of animals for our food was not only wrong but also unnecessary. Lastly, we came to realise that we feel amazing since going vegan. So it’s good for the planet, its good for animals and its good for your health!

We are not saying that to save the planet the whole world needs to go vegan, but we do believe that eating less meat can have a huge positive impact for the environment, for animals and for your own health. All we are asking is for you to be more mindful of the amount of meat and animal products you eat. And remember: not all heroes wear capes…some just eat plants 🙂

We just love food!